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Not only elites are extractive—masses also are
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Business Formalization: Costs versus Institutional Efficiency

Arruñada, Benito (2010), Business Formalization: Costs versus Institutional Efficiency, Thomson Reuters, Cizur Menor.
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Table of contents
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A value strategy
Method and content

Part One: The state of the question

1. Administrative simplification: Why so many mistakes

Part Two: The value of business formalization

2. The logic of contractual formalization of companies
3. Control in business records

Part three: Opportunities for reform

4. General approach to reform
5. Analysis of contractual arrangements
6. Analysis of administrative procedures
7. Two experiences of Iberian reform
8. How to organize the provision of formalization services

Part Four: Methodology of evaluation and analysis

9. Evaluation and monitoring of reforms

Part Five: Summary

10. Priorities in the reform of the institutions of business formalization